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Harvell outspent by Monsanto lobbyists 10 to 1 - but Committee Still Passes GMO Labeling Bill

Harvell's bill also has broad bipartisan support with 123 co-sponsors.

Special interests, gridlock and the candidate questionnaire

"at the end of the day the only endorsement I want is from my neighbors and fellow citizens of Farmington and Industry. My promises to them alone are binding."

Town official: Political sign ban on private property will not be enforced

LEGISLATURE PASSES LARGEST TAX CUT IN MAINE HISTORY / Lance Harvell, R-Farmington, said Democrats exaggerated the impact of the cuts, and he reminded House members that taxpayers are important, too. "If we continue to act in the same manner, the only thing we're going to harm is that most endangered of species, the Maine taxpayer," he said.
Comment by Islander - Wed, 05/16/2012 - 3:02pm (new)

Lance, great t-shirt / bumper sticker:-)

Maine Taxpayer, an endangered species!

OPEN GOVERNMENT OR SECRET GOVERNMENT? "Much of what we do here is about power. It's about power and it's about secrecy. Power is always advancing. It never contracts," said Rep. Lance Harvell, a Republican from Farmington. "When you go to vote for this, remember this is a bill that only Richard Nixon could have loved and I urge you to vote No!"

Frank Roberts: Lance, I sincerely thank you for this!

George Smith: Great job Lance. Good speech. Fantastic result.

Don Ferrara: One hundred percent spot on lance... Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!! Great quote

Veronica Garvey-Magnan: Probably your best speech ever!

Bernadette Harvell: Wish I could have been there!

Harry G. Stevenson: Thank you!!!!!

Shenna Bellows: Great speech yesterday! Thank you for standing up for transparency.

January 6, 2012 - Yesterday I took out papers to run for re-election. Here is what I feel has been accomplished to date. The hospitals have been paid, the tax code has been reformed and modernized from the 1970's, regulatory reform has taken place, welfare reform has begun. and the education budget increased $63 million statewide.

Personally I am married for 25 years with 2 kids and work at Verso paper company. I have never even taken the health care offered to legislators and believe that the job of any representative is to be the voice of their community and give their best everyday. It should never be about what is in it for me, but truly about working for all our futures.

I believe that life has limits and government does as well and that communities operate best when there are rights and responsibilities for all citizens.

I will be trying to earn your vote over this coming year and would enjoy (!) any and all input you can give to me.

We face many challenges in the future but I believe our great state and its people are up to the task that lies ahead!

Thank You, Lance Harvell, Farmington


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